Quilting Arts TV taping with Sarah Vedeler

Many months ago, Sarah Vedeler & I decided to do a joint project for Quilting Arts TV Series 900. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but of course we didn’t start thinking about it until a month ago when both of our schedules had really filled up! Nevertheless, we found ourselves traveling to Cleveland this past Sunday for a taping on Monday.

I somehow managed to convince myself that it only took an hour to get to the airport, so I was running a little late by the time I got to Denver International Airport. Unfortunately, that meant I didn’t have as much time to see the art exhibits in the airport as I would have liked, but I was able to snap some quick photos. The Shadow Happy installation by Brianna Martray in the walkway to Concourse A was amazing – 10,000(!) origami cranes that appeared to be swooping around the pillars along each side of the walkway.

Shadow Happy exhibit

Shadow Happy exhibit

I also discovered a photography exhibit after I walked down the ramp into the A concourse!  The Center for Fine Art Photography (based in Fort Collins – lucky me!) had their center forward exhibit hanging at DIA. I loved it when it was up in Fort Collins and loved seeing it at DIA! If you ever fly through Denver and you enjoy art, make sure to check out the current exhibits: http://www.flydenver.com/artexhibits I’ve never been disappointed!

But back to my trip to Cleveland…  my flights were on time, but Sarah was delayed. Unfortunately, there is no comfortable place to hang out at the Cleveland airport once you’ve left security, so I decided to pick up the rental car and find a Starbucks to hang out at for a couple of hours. (Thank you Google Maps! ;) )

Once Sarah arrived, I don’t think we stopped talking until we forced ourselves to go to bed.  I say “forced” because Cleveland is in the Eastern time zone – which is 2-3 hours ahead of  us. Even worse was getting up in the morning! I’m not a morning person and we had to wake up at 4:30am “my time”. It wasn’t pretty. Let’s just say that Karen (the make-up artist) had her work cut out for her. LOL

Karen is almost done with Sarah's make-up - beautiful as always!

After we had organized our things in the Green Room, we were recruited to help make some block-prints for a segment that Pokey Bolton was taping that morning. Sarah decided to try her hand at it alongside Helen Gregory & Pokey:

Sarah, Helen & Pokey block-printing before Pokey's segment

Notice that they are not wearing aprons!  When I tried my hand at it during the next round of printing (with Jo Leichte from Bernina), I wasn’t quite so brave and took off my jacket:

Jeanie & Jo block-printing pieces for Pokey's segment

When it was time for Sarah & I to tape our segment, we first walked through what we planned to talk about with the producer, Kathie Stull. (I have to say, when I taped some videos on my own last year, it because abundantly clear how vital Kathie is to a smooth presentation!  Thank you Kathie!)

On the set discussing our presentation with Sarah & Kathie

I think I'm ready!

Back in the Green Room, while we prepped for our segment, Pokey was catching up on e-mail – a never ending job.  I wish you could hear her fingers flying over the keys!

Pokey catches up on e-mail between segments

FINALLY, we have everything worked out and we’re ready for the cameras!

Jeanie, Pokey & Sarah on the set of Quilting Arts TV

Take a look at what we created in just 9 minutes! ;)

The Project

Close-up of embellished block on pillow

Close-up of embellished block on pillow

Close-up #2 of embellished block

Close-up #2 of embellished block

When we returned to the Green Room after our taping, we found ourselves in freeze-frame on the TV:

Hey! That's us!

After taping, we packed up our things and soon headed back to the airport. Nothing like a whirlwind trip! Our flights out of Cleveland were on-time, but my connecting flight in Nashville was delayed an hour. No problem, that gave me some time to enjoy the Nashville airport. No, seriously! If I had to be stuck in an airport, Nashville is great! Live music & a photography exhibit (not to mention a Starbucks.) Even the carpeting is cool! Of course I had to take a photo to see what kind of kaleidoscopes it would make. ;)

Carpet in the Nashville airport. (Click on the photo to get a full-size version to download.)

Kaleidoscope from carpet in Nashville airport. Cool, huh?

Series 900 of Quilting Arts TV should start airing on PBS stations nationwide in January 2012. Check your local listings to see when it will be broadcast in your area.

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    Hi, I would love to make a design into a quilt, but how do I get the pattern to the quilt? What kind of paper do I use to print it onto??
    I love this for making designs for cards and scrapbooks.

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