Kaleidoscope Pendants

While in Houston at International Quilt Festival, one of our customers turned me on to a great product called Little Windows.  It’s an easy way to turn photos into jewelry, but I immediately thought of using kaleidoscopes instead of photos.

I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve been having the past few days making some pendants with our new Template Mini-Packs!  I’ve already used up the resin in the starter kit I purchased and ordered more.

Just a few of the kaleidoscope pendants that I've made using the Little Windows starter kit.

1 inch cast pendant. Design made with KK3 and Snowflakes Mini-Pack.

The resin is truly low-odor (though I still wear a mask as a precaution when using it since I plan on making a bunch of these for gift giving, i.e. greater potential for chemical exposure.) I won’t go into detail on how to use the resin since that process is explained quite well on the Little Windows website, but I’ll give you some hints as to how to size & cut out the kaleidoscopes.

2 inch domed pendant. Design made with KK3 and Filigrees Mini-Pack.

I’ve made two styles of pendants.  The first is a cast pendant.  The starter kit comes with a mold with three 1 inch squares. When creating your kaleidoscope, be sure to add a background color/texture when using any template shape other square.  Save your kaleidoscope to a file with a size of at least four inches at 300 dpi. Little Windows provides a free online photo cropping tool which will perfectly size your kaleidoscopes to fit in the mold that’s in the starter kit. Use it – it’s great!  For the pendant below I chose to crop just a quarter of the kaleidoscope, but I could have chosen the entire kaleidoscope if I wanted.  Notice how the sides of the cast piece reflect the printed design!

1.5 inch domed pendant. Design made with KK3 and Filigrees Mini-Pack.

The other style of pendant that I made is a domed pendant.  You are free to print & cut any size when using this technique since it is not dependent on a mold. I made my domed pieces double-sided, so I needed to print two identical kaleidoscopes for each piece.  Because the two pieces need to be identical in size, I used a circle punch to cut out the circles.  I sized my kaleidoscopes to be 0.1 inch smaller than the punch size and added a 0.2 inch print margin when printing the kaleidoscopes. (Remember to turn the punch upside down so that you can line up the printed kaleidoscope inside the punch.  See my blog post on our CHA Make-n-Take project for more details on punching.)

After punching, go around the outside edge of the kaleidoscope with a felt tip marker in either black or a color that matches the kaleidoscope. This will give it a more finished look.  Then follow the instructions for doming on the Little Windows website.

1.5 inch domed pendant. Design made with KK3 and Snowflakes Mini-Pack.

After the resin hardened, I used a high-tack tape to adhere the two pieces to one another and then drilled the hole for the hanging wire. I chose to purchase pinch bails for these first pendants which are super-simple to attach – just pinch into the drilled hole! You should be able to find pinch bails at any bead shop or wherever jewelry findings are sold.

  • Judy Stone

    I love this idea and appreciate the information describing what kind of materials you use. It I get a chance, it will make great gifts.
    I love your program, too, for playing with my photography.


  • Wen

    These are so cool! What fun!

  • Arlien Snow

    Wow! I have to make some of tese for gifts. Thank you soooooooooo much.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous creations.I had not heard of these until i saw the web site.Are these available anywhere in Canada? Could you please advise?
    Thank you

  • @coverink, If you are asking about the resin product, I’m not sure if it is available in Canada. Please contact Little Windows (www.little-windows.com) for more information on that.

    Kaleidoscope Kreator is available in Canada and can also be ordered directly from our website as a download.

    If you are asking if the pendants themselves are available in Canada, the answer is no. I made them as an example of what you can do with Kaleidoscope Kreator and the Little Windows resin, but at this point there are no plans to sell the pendants.

  • Candy Thomas

    I received Creator 3 yesterday and created and printed 5 blocks to start my table runner. How simple was that.
    I love the software. Thank you.

  • This is such a cool idea. I can’t wait to go shopping to buy the suppies. I love my Kaleidoscope Kreator. I have so much fun, just playing with it.

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