Taping for Quilting Arts TV

I had a great trip out to Cleveland for my taping for Quilting Arts TV (QATV) Series 600. I had an uneventful flight on Wednesday and got a brand new (1.5 miles on the odometer) rental car. I’m sure some of you might think this is very cool.  I, on the other hand, was afraid that any little scratch or stain upon returning the car would clearly be my fault. Give me a gently used car next time please!

I arrived at the hotel in time for dinner with Linda McGehee who had taped her QATV segment earlier in the day. Linda has long been a fan of Kaleidoscope Kreator and was just back from the Puyallup Sewing & Stitchery Expo where she taught a class based on Kaleidoscope Kreator.  After dinner, she showed me some patterns/kits that she is working on incorporating kaleidoscope images. They are very creative and I can’t wait until I can share them with you!

I was supposed to be at the studio by 8am the next morning. I thought I had given myself plenty of time to stop by Starbucks first – that is until I walked outside to find a heavy layer of frost on the car and no ice scraper in the (brand new) rental car.  Argh!  A very nice woman in the parking lot offered me her (very large – wow, they don’t fool around in Cleveland!) ice scraper and I was soon on my way, but decided to skip the Starbucks. (Big mistake since I then proceeded to crave a “grande americano with steamed soy” for the next six hours until I finally succumbed to an afternoon run to the nearest Starbucks.)

Arrived at the studio for what Kathie Stull (producer) had said would be a “quiet day”.  Pokey Bolton (host of QATV) was getting ready to tape all of her “openings” for the series which she just whipped through in record time. (Go Pokey!) In the meantime, I went into makeup and then enjoyed meeting the other artists who were setting up in the green room with me:

Diane Núñez, who was there with her husband Ralph, makes the most amazing 3D quilted sculptures. (I’m not sure how else to describe them.) You will definitely want to see her QATV segment!

Diane Núñez on the monitor in the green room

Pokey Bolton (L) and Diane Núñez (R) on the monitor in the green room during the taping of Diane's segment

Jennifer O’Brien from JT Trading (Spray & Fix adhesives) was there to demonstrate a technique using her 606 spray fusible to adhere & laminate (in one step) paper to fabric.  I can think of lots of possibilities using that technique! And I had a great dinner with Jen later that evening.

Andrea Bishop from Electric Quilt had four projects to demonstrate. My absolute favorite was a baby quilt with different textures incorporated in the design. Loved it!!

My partners in crime in the green room

My partners in crime in the green room, from (L): Jeanne Cook-Delpit, Jen O'Brien, Diane Núñez, Andrea Bishop, Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero

Also in the green room were Jeanne Cook-Delpit from Bernina and Helen Gregory from Quilting Arts in support roles for Pokey and the guests.  (It was great to see Jeanne again after having collaborated on a project with her for Series 500.)  Katherine Lamancusa, Kathie’s assistant, does amazing work behind the scenes to answer questions, offer support and generally keep everything on track while Pokey and Kathie float between the set and the green room all day. (Pokey is usually glued to her computer while in the green room – fingers tapping furiously on the keyboard.)

I had pre-shipped my projects and step-outs, so I organized those first thing while I waited for makeup. I made sure I ran through each project in my head, since I had shipped everything two weeks prior and needed to refresh my memory! I wasn’t scheduled to tape until late in the day and I found it difficult to stay focused on my projects the entire time, so by the time I was setting up for my first project, I was thankful to have Kathie there to walk through everything and make sense of the jumble of thoughts in my head!

Setting up the computer on set

Here I am setting up my computer on the QATV set

The view looking out from the QATV set

The view looking out from the QATV set

I’ve done these tapings so many times, but I’m always surprised at how much I can fit into 2 minutes! It totally helps to walk through the clip beforehand with a producer (like Kathie) to whittle down the info to just the essentials. I didn’t realize how incredibly helpful this is until I started working on some videos myself. Wow. That is definitely a skill that I need to work on. Kathie is a master.

Reviewing my first segment

Reviewing my first segment with Pokey Bolton (L) and Kathie Stull (R).

A close-up of me on the TV monitor in the green room

A close-up of me on the TV monitor in the green room during the taping of my first segment

A view of the step-outs for my first segment on the monitor in the green room

By the time I was done taping, it was after 6:00pm.  I was hungry and my brain was fried, so I decided to return in the morning to pack everything up.

Remember how I said that Thursday was a “quiet” day?  Frankly, I didn’t think it was particularly quiet until I returned the next morning to pack up my stuff.  Holy cow!  I couldn’t believe how many new people were there!  Luana Rubin and her totally adorable daughter Sophie (who had every one in the  green room wrapped around her little finger ;) ); Lindsay Mason from Simplicity/Boye (oh my gosh – she had the cutest slipper boots to demonstrate – wait till you see them!); Terry Grant was there with her fabric birds that graced the cover of “Quilt Festival Quilt Scene” last year (I am totally in love with these birds!); Kathy Mack was going to demonstrate a tote that was also in Quilt Scene last year; and Carol Ingram and Eric Drexler (along with one other person whose name I forgot – sorry!) from Sulky of America.  Plus Jeanne from Bernina, Helen from Quilting Arts and Pokey, Kathie and Katherine.  Phew!!! Now I understand what Kathie meant when she said that yesterday was a “quiet” day. ;)

Luana Rubin and her daughter Sophie

Luana Rubin and her daughter Sophie; notice Sophie's blinged-out sewing machine on the left

Creating order from chaos in the studio on Friday

Creating order from chaos in the studio on Friday

An unusual quiet moment in the green room on Friday, from (L): Luana Rubin, Lindsay Mason, Kathy Mack, Terry Grant (behind the striped bag)

An unusual quiet moment in the green room on Friday, from (L): Helen Gregory behind Luana Rubin, Lindsay Mason, Kathy Mack, Terry Grant (behind the striped bag)

I was all packed up by 9am and got to hang out for about 45 minutes before heading to the airport.  All in all, I was really happy with the way my projects turned out and I hope that you will be too!  I’m sorry, but I can’t remember exactly which segments I will be on, but the series will start airing at the end of June 2010 on PBS stations here in the US.  Each station makes their own decision as to whether they will carry it and when they will put it in their line-up, so hopefully you’ll be able to see it.  You can find out if & when you station carries it here. If your station doesn’t carry it, make sure you request it!  They need to know that there is interest for this sort of programming in their viewing audience.

You might also be interested to know that several video clips from the first two series are available at HowtoTVOnline.com for a modest membership fee.  You can also purchase DVD sets of each QATV series.

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  • It is interesting to see some of the behind the scene shots. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the segment sometime this summer.

  • As a designer in several mediums I have very much appreciated the new vistas opened to me through Quilting Arts TV and through your software. My design work is currently focused on utilizing my photography and graphic composition to produce presentation framework for cards and family photos as well as archival colages of multi generations. I am also trying to put together a fabric design collection based on Kaleidoscope Collections Software. Please keep the information coming and thank you for being responsive to users needs in upgrading the software.

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