Customer creation: Julie Miller Photography

Every so often a customer will send us a photo of something that they have made with Kaleidoscope Kreator. And more often than not we just love what we see! Now that we have a blog, we are happy to be able to share some of these with you.

Yesterday we received an e-mail from Julie Miller of Julie Miller Photography. She made an awesome card for the holidays using Kaleidoscope Kreator with the Quilters’ Polygons Template Pack. (I’m pretty sure she also used Photoshop to create the kaleidoscope composite and layout the card.)

Holiday card made with Kaleidoscope Kreator

Julie Miller's holiday card made with Kaleidoscope Kreator

I love this card because it shows the “genius” of kaleidoscopes.  Who would have thought that a photo of “water seen through a catamaran’s web of ropes” could look like icy snowflakes? Brilliant!

Many thanks to Julie for allowing us to share her kaleidoscope composite with you!  You can see more of Julie’s photos and some of the other kaleidoscopes that she has created at her website:

  • Way cute. The Quilter’s Polygon templates also sound interesting. Hymm.


  • Wow! This is beautiful! And what a great idea to adapt it to card making.

  • Angie Hoffmann

    I am loving the program. It was purchased at a quilt show, but I use it for photographs. Next I need you make a template to fit 4″X6″ or 8″X10″. I love the pictures but when I e-mail them to be printed, the pictures are being cropped to fit and part of the pictures are not printing. I will be at Paducah in April and I’m hoping to show you what I need

  • Arlien Snow

    Beautiful. I love Kaleidoscopes & Kaleidoscope Creater has given me hours of pleasure creating one of a kind photos for friends & family. Thanks for sharing.

  • Victor Quarello

    I scan flowers with my scanner and then use the scan to make kaleidoscope prints. 4×6 for note cards or 8×8,12×12 framed prints. As of today I have over 2100 4×6 note cards. I just love using Kaleidoscope 3 for making kaleidoscope note cards.

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