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Welcome to our new blog! Here’s where I’ll be sharing tips and tricks for Kaleidoscope Kreator, project ideas and other (hopefully interesting) aspects of my crafting work.  If you scroll down, you’ll find I’ve already added some posts that you might enjoy. Your feedback is always welcome – let me know what you’d like to […]

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Tip: Saving Kaleidoscopes

Original photo

OK, I know what you’re thinking… How difficult can it be to save a kaleidoscope? Really, it’s not difficult at all! But based on the number of questions we get about this, I thought maybe I should address it here on the blog. For this discussion, we’ll start with this picture of a building on the San Diego Wharf.

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Kaleidoscope Flower Ornaments


Kaleidoscope Flower Ornament

If you own Kaleidoscope Kreator Favorite Projects Volume 1, then you might recognize the techniques used in these ornaments. They’re a combination of our layered ornaments and our 3-D flower cards. You can use any digital image you’d like (flowers are particularly colorful), but I find it’s fun to use a photo of kids or pets. The original photo is not immediately apparent in the final ornament and it’s a fun to watch the reaction when someone recognizes the subject of the photo.

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Studio Makeover: Part 1

Studio - Before photo #1

I had completely cleaned up my studio at the beginning of the year and though there were plastic tubs of fabric in another room and boxes of supplies that lined one wall because I didn’t have anywhere else to put them, I was feeling pretty good about things. Then in the first four months of the year I had to prepare booth samples for two shows in January, design and create multiple projects (with step-outs) for two TV tapings in February and March and finally prepare for three more shows in April. Oh, and there was a trip to the Philippines thrown in the middle of all that. The end result was a complete disaster in my studio!

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